Provoke NEO Robotics (PNR) Suite

NEO - our brand new robot automates automates the entire journey of the PNR from Quality Control to Fraud Check, eticketing, Low Fare Hunting, Refund and Exchange. PNR Suite functions on multiple GDS Platforms such as Amadeus and Sabre.

Have you wondered - How much time an agent spends on just managing and monitoring Queues?

As per some estimates in the industry - more than 100 minutes spread out throughout an Agent’s work day is just spent on going through the Queues and running manual Quality control.

More than 80% of the PNR’s don’t require a human touch and can be automatically processed using the Provoke NEO Robotics Suite.

Imagine the journey of a PNR from when it gets booked in today’s time via one of the many channels such as Online or Phone - NEO first runs Quality Control processes on the PNR, ensures Credit Card Verification and other fraud prevention processes, moves forward to ensure to suggests if any lower fares are available on the same airline, issues the eTicket. The post booking processes calls for various tasks including lower fare hunts that can also be automated. All of this can actually done with near 10% intervention from a human agent.

NEO monitors your queues, reads your PNRs and smartly actions them accepting minor schedule changes, removing HX segments and notifying the traveller and agent via multiple channels such as Email / SMS and Mobile Push Notifications to ensure that major changes are noted accordingly.

Provoke NEO Robotics (PNR) Suite also comes equipped with a Full Automation Management panel to configure various functions, map and sequence task points to work the way you want them to.

Why Waste Time and Money on these tedious and mechanical tasks?

Increase your productivity by more than 62% automating a great chunk of your operations so that you can focus on business, money and the bottom line.

  • Exchange / Void

  • Refund

  • Farehunt

  • PNR Management - Change / Cancel

  • Lower Fare Check

  • eTicketing

  • Fraud Check

  • Quality Control & Queue Management

  • Post Booking Accounting Robotics

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