Provoke InRetail Agent Portal is booking tool for retail agencies integrated into the Sabre point of sale “Red Workspace”.

It provides for a hybrid environment with the graphical user interface and terminal working in an integrated manner.

The app makes all the alternative and non-gds content available in your Red Workspace as the InRetail Agent App offers a unique blend of content such as – Consolidator Rates, LCC Content, Hotel Content, Activities, Packages and Execursions

The retail platform also provides for flex tools such as unique airline combinations (LCC/non-sched and full service), +/- 3 days grid along with an user interface to manage/modify/change PNR’s.

There’s also a hunting tool that enables the comparative capability to take existing PNR’s or ready to be created PNR’s and advise travel agents of seats in lower inventory classes or the same fare criteria found through LCC connects along with private fare contracts.

The platform also sources content from hotel supplier XML’s and Provoke’s Inventory System that will have paper contracts for hotels and activities inserted.

The static package builder along with this based on component markups and pricing allows you to put a custom package together further creating a quotation including markup that can be sent to the client.

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