The Provoke Aero B2B Booking Engine empowers consolidators and wholesalers to take their negotiated and published fare content online adding a critical distribution channel increasing volumes and scaling revenues further.

Provoke Aero B2B is a multi – GDS booking engine offering a whole suite of unique features that increase overall profitability by leveraging Provoke InstantUpsell™, the Provoke AeroHunt™, and an advanced markup module as part of the Provoke Business Intelligence Suite ™ (PBI).

+/- 3 days fare grid

Displays a fare calendar combinations from 3 days prior, on the searched date and 3 days allowing the agent/customer to take their pick on what is the most suitable and cost effective date to travel if flexibility is an option.

Set Credit Control, Limits + Deposits

[Travel Agency] Travel will also be enabled to provide the agent the ability to “top up” their account which will further register itself in the management panel and allow the agent to make bookings up to that amount

The travel agent also has an option of paying some amount from credit and the rest of the amount on the booking using his credit card. Ex. If agent has 100 OMR credit available but has to pay 150 USD on a booking. He can avail 100 from available credit and 50 can be paid by him on the credit card.

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