XML/API Integration

XML is the language of the travel industry online. We provoke everything XML from the integration of supplier XML API feeds to developing an XML feed for you enabling you to a whole new world of distribution . This XML distribution feed can be provided to meta search engines and other channel of sales.

If it’s a major GDS, consolidator or supplier – the chances are that we have already integrated XML feed and have a solution ready for you.

*All Provoke Aero booking engines are distribution friendly and come ready with distribution XML’s.*

Major meta search engines around the world have already integrated our API which means if you use our B2C engine – you have a higher probability of getting approved by major meta search engines considering they won’t have to invest the extra time and resources on integrating your XML API. Some of these Meta Search Engines include: Skyscanner, Fly.com, Wego and many more.

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