Provoke Back Office Integration

Provoke Aero automates the invoicing, commissioning and reconciliation process seamlessly integrating with the back-office accounting system of choice. We currently integrate with all major back office & accounting systems including – TRAMS, GBO, and Travel works.

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Key Benefits of Back Office & Accounting System Integration

  • Features

    • Reduce workflow processes with client travel and general expense accounting
    • Generate reports to provide you full business visibility
    • Decision support data with detailed management analysis on the click of a button
    • Track and reconcile commissions with absolute ease
    • Automate the tedious reconciliation processes
    • Perform comprehensive financial modeling of your results
  • Features

    • Provoke Aero has on staff TRAMS Certified Consultants and specialists to provide you related services (as below):
    • Trams Back Office training and implementation on site or remotely
    • Conversions and interface from Amadeus, Sabre or Galileo. On-Site Branch training and group/class training
    • Trams CC Merchant and Trams Report Generator, Customize to agency needs and requirements
  • Features

    • Accounting, Operations and Strategic Marketing support
    • Specialty in Canadian Industry Regulations (GST/TICO, etc.)