By far the most secure form of doing business online – 3D Secure. Not a single Travel Technology provider in North America has been able to achieve this integration of 3D Secure technology in the Air Booking Engine landscape as yet. For the first time ever – Provoke Aero brings to you a successful integration of 3D Secure technologies in this realm. If a transaction clears through Verified by Visa and Secured by Master Card – you can ensure that because all the verification is handled by the banks that the liability will also shift accordingly.

How It Works

All transactions will be routed through a 3D secure environment wherein each and every cc transaction will go through verified by VI and or secured by MC wherein the possibility of Charge Back due to fraudulent transaction is reduced.

A transaction using “Verified by Visa” or “SecureCode by Mastercard” will initiate a redirect to the website of the card issuing bank to authorize the transaction. Each issuer could use any kind of authentication method (the protocol does not cover this) but typically, a password-based method is used, so to effectively buy on the Internet means using a password tied to the card.

The 3D Secure protocol recommends the bank’s verification page to load in an inline frame session. In this way, the bank’s systems can be held responsible for most security breaches.

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