Provoke Aero, a division of Provoke Group, known in the travel technology market officially marks it feet in hotel booking engine providers list.

Provoke Aero have officially launched their Hotel Booking Engine Platform last month. After their successful air booking engine the company now has brought out its new dimension. When asked about what this new dimension will offer to the market, Mohit Sharma, Director of Business Development of Provoke Group said with the launch of our Hotel Booking Platform – the North American market has finally got a product that blends the creme content from 30 of the world’s biggest hotel suppliers ensuring that agents receive variety and only the best rates.”

Further we asked how this will impact the market and this is what Sumith Ragu, Director of Technology of Provoke Group said “our platform empowers agents to shop for the best hotel rates all under one portal or API. We will be the first North American player to offer a database of more than 200,000 hotel properties.”

About Provoke Hotel Booking Platform

Provoke Hotel Booking Platform enables you to take your hotel offering online. We currently have live integrations with 30 of the world’s biggest suppliers offering a wide variety of property availability, selection and the most competitive pricing. Our leverage and integration with multiple suppliers puts us in a unique league of content providers with over 200,000 Hotel Properties. We empower travel providers to increase sales and revenue driving demand across multiple distribution channels. Provoke’s Hotel Booking Platform also allows for integration of content from other suppliers leveraging your individual contracts and / or the ones that we have in place at the moment.

We don’t just providing you hotel booking platform with multiple suppliers but also provide you with a full-fledged fulfillment centre to take away those headaches allowing you to focus on the core function of driving sales.

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