TMC’s and Travel Agencies have mastered the art of operating in the traditional realm of brick and mortars. The core competency here lies at excelling in the travel trade. Nonetheless, with the advent of Online – the travel business has changed. It is more critical now than ever for the travel industry to adapt to this new converged realm, to go online and capture the big demand.

There’s an ocean of travel technology companies that supply and integrate white label booking engines on TMC websites and walk away. These booking engines sit on ineffective and highly traditional websites serving the purpose of prestige or “for the sake of it” citing absolutely no business fundamentals ultimately to be declared failed projects.

Focus on your core competencies of Travel. Let the Experts help you navigate and excel in the Online Realm.

This is where Provoke comes in – we believe in building real long term partnerships with our clients providing technology, consulting, strategy + execution to create real success stories. With a business driven approach – our world class consultants from various different backgrounds bring rare abilities to the table transforming traditional travel agencies into profitable and successful Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s).

Doing business online and achieving any kind of e-profitable success is probably more difficult than it is in the bricks-and-mortar world. For that reason many online entrepreneurs are turning to enlisting the services of Provoke Empower or likewise OTA consultants to help build, market, and maintain their OTA / click and mortar businesses. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, there is an incredible opportunity to build a super profitable 24 hour travel agency/TMC cash counter Omni-present across the world. This is of course without the otherwise given costs of expansion which is now slowly becoming expensive and perhaps even unfeasible in the traditional realm of opening new store fronts, hiring staff all over the world, worrying about endless overheads and exhaustive management.The Provoke Empower approach centers on your business and addresses the specific needs identified by a thorough analysis of your operational processes, brand positioning, business strategies, existent or non- existent online presence. Before we begin our projects and our consulting we look towards jointly defining the benchmark for success with you putting in place very specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We work with you from the inception stages of planting the seed to nurturing the business, adjusting strategies along the way to adapt to changing environments and ultimately delivering budding growth and profitability for your online travel agency business.

Provoke Empower and our team of world class consultants have navigated to the heights of the e-commerce realm since its very inception. We understand that a macro level strategy is just as essential to the cause of success for an Online Travel Agency as the intricate details of a micro-level strategy.

There are multiple aspects and elements in ensuring the success of Online Travel Agency. Keeping the wider scope of elements in mind – we build a coherent and integrated strategy to effect. – Of course the first and foremost suggestion would be for to float a separate online brand leveraging the existing backbone of Travel operations and fulfillment with an entirely separate Online Team looking after the business side of things. (strategy, direction, decision making, intricacies of ecommerce analytics, etc.)

At Provoke, we first conduct an “As-Is Analysis” of the current state of citing the existent or (non-existent) Web presence of the travel agency encapsulating a full audit of the user experience, traffic, marketing presence across the spectrum, distribution strategy and above all of what the shape of the current product really is.We then identify existing products on the traditional brick and mortar level and what the best-selling products and existing strengths are of an agency.

This analysis is conducted in the most scientific way possible – often taking surveys with diverse and randomly picked samples. Further drawing up what’s known as an “Organization Strength Report”.

This “Strength Report” gives direction to an overall strategy and further contributes to what is a very essential and accepted format across the business world – the SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat).In specific to the Travel Industry – we take into consideration:
Different products offerings such as Flights, Hotels, Packages, Cruises, Lifestyle, etc.

Product differentiators – special commission / pricing deals & relationships with airlines, suppliers, vendors, etc.

Considering the entry of International players such as Cleartrip, Expedia, Makemytrip,, Agoda, etc. – it becomes critical for us to do conduct a competitive analysis to understand where your Travel Agency stands in the market and how to exceed the benchmark set in the Online Realm in the MENA market.

In this case of an existing portal that hasn’t quite delivered the results – it may sound quite easy at first look to point out the reasons without doing an analysis. That being said – a GAP analysis brings to light some issues that cannot otherwise be found, it also guides us to intricate details of the difference between an existing product and a desired / potential product or outcome. vehicula et, mauris.

If you can’t get your UI Design and User Experience right then all your technology, concept & product development, pricing and travel product, strategy, etc. might as well go out of the window. Yes, that’s right all fails in the face of bad UI/UX design. UI / UX is a science in itself, it asks of a portal at the most basic level to ensure ease of use for the users but it really does go beyond this. It gets into a science of converting traffic into sales, having the right call to action, studying user behavior and how they interact with your user interface.

UI / UX further has to stem from the brand and its marketing strategy along with the principles as mentioned in the above paragraph.

At Provoke Empower, we work on an integrated approach between your brand, product/concept, marketing strategy and the UI / UX.

Our creative team ensures a synchronized approach delivering and achieving the marketing message and experience as defined in the marketing plan / brand guidelines.

UI / UX borrows a little bit from the impacts of shelf marketing. The right elements needs to be in the right place in order to engage the customer, getting them interested to explore, further click buy, pay and checkout.

Provoke understands the intricacies of placing each button, each element in the right place, featuring the right booking flow and process. Design, UI and UX are fundamental to any OTA’s success thus such emphasis.

Provoke Empower and our very own design agency – Flying Gorilla work coherently to achieve the business goals of our customers applying our mantra and mix of creativity and science of experience and online conversion. “Regardless of the channel consumers select to approach you—online, social media or mobile—we will provide an intuitive and consistent end-to-end user experience to attract new customers and create new revenue streams.”

A wise man once said – “Having no marketing for your product/business is like having a fine Ferrari in your garage but no one gets to see it”. It’s true you can have the best product and portal in the world but unless until you have a sound Online marketing and distribution strategy – no one knows, cares or in this case buys above all thus no success.

Online Marketing has evolved and transformed from being a stream and extension of traditional marketing into a giant, realm and science on its own. Online Marketing is the biggest cost driver for any OTA business and amounts to on an average range of: 36% to 54% of the costs of running an OTA.

This doesn’t mean that its more expensive than traditional marketing, it just means that running an OTA is generally a lot cheaper than running a traditional travel agency with that kind of reach. However, as your other costs have gone down and you look to scale and have bigger goals with online – relatively to the entire running cost of an OTA – your marketing costs dominate, it’s simply that.

Online Marketing as we know it has grown via various streams and we need to have a complete strategy with coverage on all fronts and elements. These elements include.

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Provoke Aero Consulting Features:

  • Features

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    • Paid Search Marketing: (Affinity, PPC, Display Networks, etc.)
    • Marketing Automation via CRM functions
  • Features

    • Social Media Marketing, Profile & Community Management (PR & Engagement).
    • Distribution & Affiliate Marketing (CPA, CPM, CPC Models with Meta Search Engines, Building new networks and featuring on existing Affiliate networks, co-branding, white labelling to sub agents, etc.).